Ehrlich Wheel Works is located in North Carolina, USA. We create custom wheels for people around the world. We work with wheels from every manufacturer. We supply hard-to-find and custom wheel parts and provide custom machining and finishing services. In 2016 we began doing all of our powder coating in house. We now offer general powder coating services. We powder coat items larger than bike frames and do everything from simple to highly customized finishes.

Ehrlich Wheel Works
The Art Is Greater Than The Part

Notice of Business Practice Changes

Recent changes to sales tax law in North Carolina have meant that service providers, like Ehrlich Wheel Works, who also made retail sales, would have to collect sales tax on the services they provided. Tax would also need to be collected from customers in all states now.

Retail sales have always been a very small part of our business, and collecting sales tax on the services we provide would have a disproportionately negative impact on our operations - and on your wallets!

For that reason we will no longer be offering retail parts for sale. We will still be offering our full range of services, including the product sourcing and consulting services we have always offered. Since we have begun performing more of the machining and finishing services in-house that we've offered, and have planned to continue going in that direction, these sales tax changes don't really have any effect on our business or our future plans. So.....onward and upward!

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