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Every Ehrlich Wheel Works customer can track the progress of their build on their own online build page like this one. You can access your Wheel Build/Refinish Form at anytime. You can see what's been finished and when. You can see what still needs to get done. And you can see pictures of the progress being made. These pages are password protected so that only you can see them.

John Doe | Job0000

17" BBS RS build out to 18"; redrill bolt pattern to 5x120

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Picture of Wheels Before Work

Parts Needed |

  • Double Step 17"-18" lips front and back Arrived 8/9/14
  • Double Step 17"-18" barrels front and back Arrived 8/9/14

Build Process |

  • Tear Down Finished 8/11/14
  • Fill and Redrill Finished 8/23/14
  • Part Strip Finished 8/28/14
  • Polish Lips Finished 9/18/14
  • Gold Plate Hex Caps and Hardware Finished 8/28/14
  • Powder Coat Faces Finished 9/14/14
  • Final Assembly Finished 9/23/14

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