What we do

We are the BBS guys but we specialize in all wheels 1, 2 or 3 piece. We’re the guys you go to when nobody else can do it, make it, find it or you just want the best.

The first thing that we'd like you to know about us is that we are artists before anything else. Everything we do is an expression of who we are. Every project we do we are trying to find ways to do it better than any other project we've done before. We believe you'll be very hard pressed to find wheel work that is done at the consistently high level that we've been able to achieve.

  • We are specialists in BBS RS wheels when it comes to information, sourcing parts and of course complete rebuilds and refinishing.
  • We are the source for factory direct OEM BBS parts. If they're still available!
  • We have our own exclusive relationships in the wheel refinishing industry for wheel lips/barrels and other parts and services.
  • We repair, refurbish and modify all types of wheels. We can even turn your 1-piece wheel into a 3-piece wheel. Careful who you trust something that extensive to!
  • We offer chemical stripping, media blasting, polishing, plating, and powder coating services.
  • We offer a full range of machining services including welding, inserts, filling and redrilling bolt patterns, milling back pads and opening up center bores.
  • We can achieve precise offset changes and create single, double or triple step up wheels [i.e. 16" face to 17" or 18" wheel].

When we do a full rebuild we reuse the OEM hardware as often as possible. The hardware is chemically stripped, polished, and then plated. We finish the nuts in clear zinc and chrome the bolts. We use new logos 99% of the time. Inner barrels are chemically stripped, sand blasted and powder coated in gloss black. This is done because it helps to mask dirt, it helps to contrast the face and the lip, and it looks great. Faces are chemically stripped, glass blasted, and then finished. Outer lips and center hex nuts are mirror polished. Hardware is properly torqued and a new seal is added. Any part or step in the process can be customized to create the finished look you're shooting for.

We can also repair curb rash, bent wheels and cracked wheels.

Please get in touch with us if there's a wheel you're hunting for or a special one-off look you're trying to create.