What you’ve said

Diego Cancino | OH

I was searching for somewhere to purchase refinished BBS RS for quite a long time when I found Paul on a Stanceworks post. From the beginning I knew he wasn't like the other refinishers out there. The customer service was more than just service, he was so personable and easy to talk to. He is as real as a person as his work is real and at an untouchable standard by others. He worked with me to the specifics of my wheel, helped with every measurement down to every specific detail. His workmanship is unrivaled. I will never work with anyone else when it comes to BBS wheels. This man is the best in the industry and has set the bar to an unreachable level.

Cesar Flores | VA

My experience with Ehrlich Wheel Works can be summed up with three words: professional; honest; quality.

Paul has a true eye for fine details in every build. He holds himself to a very high standard of quality and it shows in his work. Anytime folks venture into the world of custom wheels they must come into an understanding that this kind of work takes time. Builds can last from weeks to months. But as mostly a one man show in the shop his timelines are extremely respectable. They compare equally to timelines of companies with multiple employees. His personal "customer service" does not lack and I felt like he truly cared about my project. He is very honest and professional. Unfortunately nowadays most large companies lack this aspect. It's refreshing to know that there are folks like Paul that not only pay attention to quality of work, but quality of custom service. As a fellow BMW enthusiast, like myself, Paul also has a great insight and vast knowledge of German wheels. - A true BBS guru. All these great qualities allowed my build to run smoothly and with great ease.

I was never nervous about my build and trusted Paul with my build and hard earned money. In the end, I was extremely happy. Paul, to this very day, it still extremely accommodating to my build (it's been over a year). Of course all accommodations are within reason. As one would and should expect. Paul is very much respected In the BMW community and other automotive forums. And this is all possible because of his pure enthusiasm for his work. Thanks a million Paul! You have a friend and customer for life!

Ricardo Oliveira | NJ

As I planned out my build, I knew that building a one of a kind wide body would require a one of a kind set of wheels. As I approached the wheel chapter, I knew I had to pick someone with the same passion as I had for my car.

I heard of Paul through a fellow sig member who had recently redone his BBS RS's for his E30 M3. He gave me Paul's info and told me to take a look. Anyone who knows an E30 M3 owner knows how anal some of us can be, so before I even saw any other of Paul's work my expectations were already high. Once I finally took a look at Paul's other builds, I knew right then and there that he would be the man for my "Unicorn"..... and that I had to have special "Unicorn Shoes" done by Ehrlich Wheel Works!

During negotiations and planning, Paul showed his true colors right away, Paul saw the car I was building and became as enthusiastic as I was about this build. I knew right then and there that I had chosen the right man. He decided to build me a special set of wheels using a set of original faces that he had put aside with an extremely low back pad. This allowed him to minimally customize the faces so that we could optimize the extra space to squeeze the 4" lips on an 18" RS. Paul was extremely honest right from the beginning by explaining that he would be taking a little longer with this build due to parts coming in from a new supplier. An issue I didn't mind and I was extremely happy with his honesty. Throughout the build Paul would also contact me without me reaching out to him to update me on the progress even though I am as impatient as they come.

I would highly recommend Paul to anybody who is in the middle of restoring, building, or just modifying their car and wants someone who loves and shares the same passion. I know that Paul and I will definitely be doing business again.

Christopher Roll | NJ

First off, let’s start by talking about the service Paul provides. Paul is a great dude who really cares about his customers. He will always give you options and allow you to take your time to make up your mind on exactly what you want. Every step of the way, he will update you and show you the progress that has been made all the way up until completion. Paul has now built 2 sets of RS’s for me. The main reason I continue to come back is quality and great customer service. Paul’s builds don’t only come with hardware, faces, lips and barrels; they also come with a passion for quality and a love for the best product that he can produce. Don’t hesitate to do business with this man. I’m probably going to work on rebuilding my current set very soon, basically making set #3. If that doesn't say enough about Ehrlich Wheel Works, than I don’t know what else will.

Alfonso Hortazela | Philippines

Paul’s wheels are the best quality BBS wheels I have ever seen and purchased, period. The wheels were impeccable and the quality and build is amazing. When my set first arrived I was so happy because it really looked like it came off the factory.

Paul is great to deal with and for the many years I have been modding cars and dealing with suppliers, Paul by far is the most passionate and hands-on about his work and customers. In fact, when I first came to inquire about his wheels, he did not push for any sale but instead we ended up having a few hours talking about BMWs, wheels and cars in general. He is a legit car guy who puts the love of cars first.

I would really recommend Paul’s wheels because of its quality, his customer service and of course… The way it looks! I have yet to see a better quality BBS wheels on the market and I would definitely have future projects with him! Look no further for a wheel source! Paul's wheels are the best!

Jerry Madrid | NJ

I had the pleasure of talking with Paul aka Mr.bbs about building a complete set of bbs rs1for my car. After a few conversations we decided to go ahead with the build. I have owned a few sets of rs1 , AC & OZ which I bought overseas fully refinished but Paul's work is by far the BEST one. I am extremely happy with his quality of work. I will definitely do business with Paul Ehrlich again honest and awesome guy to deal with.

Jonas Granath | Sweden

Paul was the man who built my dream wheels. A complete set of full OEM BBS E50 with gold powder coated centers.

I am very proud and happy that Paul was the builder of my wheels. With a high finish and look, great guy to deal with and always keep me updated with pictures. This is a process that takes time, but in the end you will get a big smile. I trusted Paul from day one and send him money from time to time to get them finished and via screenshots he confirmed that he got the money. That's what I call business.

I would really recommend Paul’s wheels for you guys who want quality and top finished products. If I am going to build another set of wheels I will for sure contact Paul again.

Alex Brooks | Canada

Last summer I was looking for the perfect set of wheels for my M3, I did a lot of research on the wheels I wanted, (BBS RS) and nothing really caught my eye. When I came across Paul's Instagram page I instantly knew who I wanted to build my wheels and that was Paul.

Even from the beginning, when I hadn't purchased anything and just wanted to ask lots of questions, he was still very patient with me and let me know all my options - even being honest and letting me know how I could cut down on the over all build price by switching to different products.

In the end there's no one else I'd rather go to for my wheel set-ups. So happy with the work that went into my wheels. They make peoples' jaws drop every time they see them!! All I can say is thanks Ehrlich Wheel Works for a great set of wheels and awesome customer service!!

Ralph Ruiz | GA

I have been working on/modifying cars for over 20 years and in the BMW scene specifically for about 10. I have owned many sets of wheels, including a set of what were my dream wheels at the time - 3-piece AC Schnitzer Type 1's.

Completely satisfied with my decision, I was not even looking for another set of wheels, but I was starting to see a few really nice sets popping up around the forums. I started watching Paul and the work that he was doing. Needless to say I was very impressed. After interacting through various different forums I sent Paul an email asking about pricing and misc other things. This is when he told me that he could build me a set of wheels that would make me forget all about my beloved Schnitzers! I was a little skeptical at first because I loved those wheels so much. But after a few emails and phone conversations, I sold them to fund the build of my BBS RS 197/212.

Long story short - while my car got a lot of attention with the Type 1's - it was nothing compared to the way the car was received once I put on the wheels that Paul built for me! The car had never been featured in anything, but after the new set of wheels from Ehrlich Wheel Works it has been featured on numerous websites and forums all over the world including Stanceworks. Then the icing on the cake was getting the car featured on the cover of Performance BMW Magazine, April 2014.

Paul loves what he does and it shows! The quality is top notch and having personally refinished a set of wheels myself, I can really appreciate how much work goes into it. He is a cool car guy that knows his stuff and he is someone that you could also sit and have a beer with. I can't wait to buy another car, so that I can have him build me another set. Thanks Brotha!